Black Knight White Witch - Digital Download

Black Knight White Witch - Digital Download

Once upon a time, a White Witch moved into the neighbourhood of a Black Knight - which doesn't make for happy neighbours. While she makes tea, he throws axes. This short, comedic series features two characters straight out of a fractured fairytale - who are destined to be together.

Curriculum links include:

  • English (prediction, prior knowledge, character, narratives, heroes and villains)
  • Media Arts (animation, sound effects, music)
Running time: 10 x 30 secs
Product Type: TV Series 720p Files
Price: $5.00
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Educational use means using the program in schools, other educational institutions, community groups, churches, libraries, government departments, correctional facilities and military institutions.
Home use means that the program can be enjoyed on your personal device but it cannot be sold, hired, traded, given away, shown in public or made available on the internet.

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