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You're Skitting Me - Series 3 - Digital Download (HD)

Australian sketch comedy You're Skitting Me returns for a third series. Performed by a new feature cast of teens, You're Skitting Me is an edgy mix of animations and great characters that will tickle everyone’s funny bone.

The show is a 26 episodic comedy series of 12 minutes aimed at children aged from 8 to 14, but will be sure to provide a laugh for everyone.

The series introduces regular characters such the Ultra Boy, the Unwrapping Guy, Young Shakespeare , Martine the Sick Bay Monitor, Child Lawyer - Roland McAllister, clueless Amanda Coyne, The Green Team. Animations are also a popular feature of the series with characters such as Iron Man and chats between emoticons, flies, and school bags. Nothing is too absurd! 

Product Type: TV Series HD Files
Running time: 26 x 12 mins



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