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Round The Twist - Series 2 - Digital Download (HD)

Strange things continue to happen in Round The Twist - Series 2. Pete is hypnotised by Linda so that every time someone says the word “now” he turns into a chicken for ten seconds. Bronson is the humiliated loser in a school peeing competition but finds an ally in a water spirit. Linda is attracted to a mysterious new boy at school who never removes his gloves.  Linda discovers that he is a merman who is destined to return to his mother in the sea. Pete is locked into a lonely toilet block inhabited by a failed ghost who is doomed to stay there forever unless he can prove that he can scare someone. A goat eats Nell’s valuable opal, which has been trusted to Bronson. Bronson collects and examines the goat’s droppings to the disgust of the townsfolk until they discover what Bronson hopes to find. 

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