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Little Lunch App Competition

Each year, the ACTF runs a Little Lunch App competition for primary students who have created their own stories using the app.… ... Task: Students create their own Little Lunch videos ... Who: Primary students ... How: With the Little Lunch App ... When: Term 3, 2017 ... Entries Submitted:&n…

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MY:24 - Study Guide: Health And Physical Education (HPE)

This study guide provides teaching strategies to support students in the development of knowledge, skills and depositions that will reinforce their sense of self, and support them in building and managing satisfying relationships, and positively influence, their own and others’ health and wel…

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Paper Planes - Novel And Film Comparison

Through this unit of work, written by Wendy Bean, students examine the visual and printed texts of the Paper Planes (feature film and novel). The novel is based on the motion picture screenplay Paper Planes, and is written by Steve Worland.… This unit of work explores a range o…

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Ready for This - Study Guide

Ready for This is an aspirational teen drama series that highlights the challenges and adventures of six elite teens brought together in pursuit of their dreams.This study guide has been written to support the learning and teaching in a number of areas, including Health and Physical Educa…

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