What’s on TV? Monday 24 April – Sunday 30 April
26 April 2017

What’s on TV? Monday 24 April – Sunday 30 April

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MONDAY: Nowhere Boys – Series 2, 5:07PM on ABCME


Episode 2:

Felix, Jake and Sam race against time to get Andy back from the storm that took him – before anyone notices he’s missing again.

Also catch: Hoopla Doopla! at 6:45AM on NITV and WAC (World Animal Championships) at 9:35AM on ABCME.   


TUESDAY: Hoopla Doopla!, 6:45AM on ABC2

Episode 2 – ‘Big Squidgie’:

Ziggy wants to take a photo of everyone in Hoopla, with the tallest at the back and the shortest at the front. Squidgie is the shortest but she doesn’t want to stand at the front; she wants to find a way to be taller.

Also catch: WAC (World Animal Championships) at 9:35AM on ABCME and Nowhere Boys at 5:07PM on ABCME.  


WEDNESDAY: WAC (World Animal Championships), 9:35AM on ABCME


Episode 14 - Most Toxic:

Stop! Don’t Touch! Beware! Ambo, Scotty and Sir Reg load up the safety gear to tackle some of the most lethal animals on our planet in this super toxic edition of WAC. Let the fur fly!

Also catch: Bushwhacked! at 6:00AM on NITV and Nowhere Boys at 5:05PM on ABCME.    


THURSDAY: Bushwhacked! – Series 1, 6:00AM on NITV

Episode 6 – Great White Sharks:

Remote control skate boarding in the bush? The craziness doesn’t stop! Which is exactly what Kayne thinks when Brandon tells him his next mission is to go diving with Great White Sharks. But as sharks are attracted to sound, Brandon wants Kayne to beat box while underwater to lure one in – certainly high on the crazy and deadly scale! 

Also catch: Hoopla Doopla! 6.43AM on ABC2 and WAC (World Animal Championships) at 9.35AM on ABC ME.


FRIDAY: Series Premier of Little J & Big Cuz, 7:30PM on NITV


Series 1, Episode 1 – Lucky Undies:

Little J’s new undies have special powers – so how can he play basketball without them?

Also catch: Hoopla Doopla! 6:45AM on ABC2 and Nowhere Boys at 5:06PM on ABCME.


SATURDAY: Waabiny Time - Season 2, 8:00AM on NITV


Episode 1:

Celebrate Nyoongar Culture and learn more about our country with Waabiny Time.

Also catch: Dance Academy at 1:05PM on ABCME and Nowhere Boys at 5:04PM on ABCME.


SUNDAY: Dance Academy – Series 3, 1:05PM on ABCME


Episode 11 - Start of an Era:

The countdown to the final Company auditions has begun when suddenly it becomes a whole new playing field; and Christian and Tara come to a final resolution about their relationship.

Also catch: Hoopla Doopla! at 6:43AM on ABC2 and Nowhere Boys at 5:04PM on ABCME.