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Lift Off! - Series 2


Lift Off is an innovative program about a group of young children who share a world of fun and imagination. Using a mix of actors, puppets and animation in a blend of fiction, fantasy and documentary, Lift Off is both educational and entertaining.

Nipper, Poss, Aku and the other children accept the fantastic as everyday – and interact with characters such as EC, the rag doll who makes dreams real; Lotis, the artificially-intelligent elevator; and Beverley, the magic pot-plant who sees into the world of nature. Other characters are designed to help children learn. For example, LOTIS is a lift that can take children to any place or time, encouraging them to explore the world and their imaginations. Backsaks uses language creatively and symbolically.

All of the characters' stories reflect the joys and occasional sorrows of growing up, and emphasise the wonder of new experiences. The storyline never underestimates the young child’s capacity to think, imagine, understand, question and learn.

Lift Offis an internationally acclaimed educational television series, integrating current thinking on child development and early childhood education. Each episode is underpinned by the acclaimed theories of Howard Gardiner; The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (1983) and Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences of the 21st century (1999). 

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Lift Off - Series 2 Trailer

Lift Off is an innovative program based on current theories of child development, that educates while it entertains. The focus of each episode is a live action storyline about a group of young children who share a world of fun and imagination. Their stories reflect the joys and occasional sorrows of growing up, and show us the wonder of new experiences. Interspersed throughout the live action storyline are a variety of short animation, puppetry and documentary segments.



Episode 1
Brand New 
Part A - The Ponti’s arrive just in time for Marco to help Nipper learn to rollerblade. 
Part B - Friendships are tested when Aku and Marco start rival gangs.

Episode 2
Under Pressure
Part A - Terry the Tortoise helps Nipper come out of his shell and deliver his talk to the class. 
Part B - Kim would do anything to be the Princess in the school play, even trade EC.

Episode 3
What’s Missing
Part A - Max’s luck has run out so he returns for his lucky charm but Mr Fish is in the way. 
Part B - Aku misses her mum and takes it out on dad.

Episode 4
My World
Part A - When Gran does canteen duty at school, Poss is convinced her world will fall apart.
Part B - Annie and Raph sneak off and find themselves in “Italy”.

Episode 5
Would I Lie
Part A - Marco and Aku realise “little lies grow out of control”. 
Part B - Raph goes to great lengths - and heights - to prove he can keep a secret.

Episode 6
Give and Take
Part A - Cousin Pirili arrives in time to help Aku solve her pumpkin problems. 
Part B - Aunt Joyce’s exhibition is almost ruined when Pirili hides one of her paintings.

Episode 7
Far Out
Part A - Raph wants to catch an eclipse while Marco wants to miss the dentist. 
Part B - Annie finds the cow that jumped over the moon so Kim and Aku build a rocket to send it back.

Episode 8
Out Of This World
Part A - Aku’s goldfish Herbie is gone but not forgotten when he returns to haunt the plumbing. 
Part B - The contents of a mysterious crate set imaginations running wild.

Episode 9
The Shape I’m In
Part A - Nipper is worried about Gran’s health, until he spends a day trying to keep up with her.
Part B - Nipper pretends to be sick to get a day off school and Poss isn’t happy about it.

Episode 10
Part A - Marco faces his fear of lightning when he has to babysit Raph and Mr Fish. 
Part B - Nipper is jealous of Marco because his dad is a fire fighter.

Episode 11
In Your Shoes
Part A - Nipper and Poss become adults for the day when they swap places with Ted and Jenny
Part B -Poss thinks Kim’s new running shoes are the reason she wins races.

Episode 12
We’re Not Alone
Part A - When Marco and Aku fight over EC, Marco makes his own doll. 
Part B - Poss finds a message in a bottle that leads her to the hospital.

Episode 13
From Where I Stand
Part A - Aku and Nipper won’t let Annie into their new cubby until she stops biting them. 
Part B - Mr Fish learns what it is to be a child again, with a little help from EC.