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Bushwhacked! - Great White Sharks

Thursday 6:00am

Thursday, 27 April

Bushwhacked!Great White SharksNITV6:00am
Hoopla DooplaZap's Alarm ClockABC26:43am
WAC (World Animal Championships)StrongestABCME9:35am

Friday, 28 April

Hoopla DooplaHiccupsABC26:44am
WAC (World Animal Championships)SmartestABCME9:35am
Little J & Big CuzLucky UndiesNITV7:30pm

Saturday, 29 April

Hoopla DooplaThe Dough MonsterABC26:43am
Waabiny Time - Series 2NITV8:00am
Dance Academy - Series 3N'FEKTDABCME1:05pm

Sunday, 30 April

Hoopla DooplaSquidgie's Day OffABC26:43am
Bushwhacked!Honey AntsNITV7:30am
Dance Academy - Series 3Start of an EraABCME1:05pm

Monday, 1 May

Bushwhacked!Saltwater CrocNITV6:00am
WAC (World Animal Championships)Most Romantic ABCME9:35am
Hoopla DooplaSnow BusinessABC21:22pm

Tuesday, 2 May

Bushwhacked!Grey Nurse SharkNITV6:00am
WAC (World Animal Championships)BusiestABCME9:35am
Hoopla DooplaSquidgie's PicnicABC21:22pm
Little J & Big CuzWombat RexNITV4:00pm

Wednesday, 3 May

WAC (World Animal Championships)WeirdestABCME9:35am
My Place 2AliceABCME11:35am
Hoopla DooplaSticky SituationABC21:22pm
Little J & Big CuzNew TricksNITV4:00pm

Thursday, 4 May

Bushwhacked!Urban VetNITV6:00am
WAC (World Animal Championships)SpookiestABCME9:35am
Hoopla DooplaTrading PlacesABCME10:38am
Hoopla DooplaJango the JokerABC21:22pm
Little J & Big CuzRight Under Your NoseNITV4:00pm

Friday, 5 May

Bushwhacked!Arafura File SnakeNITV6:00am
WAC (World Animal Championships)Best MumABCME9:35am
Double TroubleThe AuditionABCME10:00am
Double TroubleDouble DancingABCME10:23am
Hoopla DooplaMagic CoatABC21:22pm
Little J & Big CuzGoanna Ate My HomeworkNITV4:00pm

Saturday, 6 May

Waabiny Time - Series 2NITV8:00am
Dance Academy - Series 3The Perfect StormABCME1:05pm
Hoopla DooplaMimi's Perfect PieABC21:22pm
Worst Year of My Life, Again!Happy BirthdayABCME5:02pm
The Flamin' ThongsMoonedABCME5:28pm

Sunday, 7 May

Dance Academy - Series 3Not for NothingABCME1:05pm
Hoopla DooplaZap's Special DeliveryABC21:22pm
Worst Year of My Life, Again!February – Valentine’s DayABCME5:01pm
The Flamin' ThongsBull WhippedABCME5:28pm

Monday, 8 May

Bushwhacked!Cattle MusteringNITV6:00am
WAC (World Animal Championships)NoisiestABCME9:35am
Hoopla DooplaHula HooplaABC21:22pm
Little J & Big CuzBig PlansNITV4:00pm
Worst Year of My Life, Again!April – April FoolsABCME5:03pm
The Flamin' ThongsSnakes On A BoatABCME5:28pm

Tuesday, 9 May

Bushwhacked!Tasmanian DevilNITV6:00am
Little J & Big CuzHopalongNITV4:00pm

Wednesday, 10 May

Bushwhacked!Funnel Web SpiderNITV6:00am