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Kahootz 3.0

The ACTF wishes to advise that the Kahootz 3.0 software (Home Version) is no longer available for purchase. Additionally, Dataworks Australia has ceased selling copies of Kahootz 3.0 software (School version) and will no longer provide technical support for the product.

Kahootz 3.0 software was developed for Primary and Secondary students (aged 7-15) to easily create, explore and invent their own 3D animations. With this program, users can create amazing 3D scenes combining Kahootz characters, animals and buildings with enhanced animation, soundtracks, their own voice-over and special visual effects.

Features of Kahootz 3.0:

  • Enhances creativity and encourages problem solving
  • Engages students to demonstrate their learning in 3D
  • Stimulates interactive game-making possibilities
  • Enables students to record, import and create personalised soundtracks
  • Kahootz 3 movies can be exported in AVI, QT, DVD and Podcast formats

A selection of Kahootz movie examples can be viewed in the "Images & Clips" tab.

Video Clips

  • Kahootz - Altona Meadows

    The unit of work was called Living Systems. As part of that the students were asked to use Kahootz to demonstrate a Life Cycle or Food Chain.

  • Kahootz - Ararat Community College

    Students have been studying a WW1 novel in English. They were required to re-create a scene from the novel in Kahootz. They had to research the historical facts needed to represent the scene and ensure that appropriate Kahootz Worlds and Objects were chosen.

  • Kahootz - Belconnen High School ACT

    The students had been exposed to the Kahootz software and were asked to research any given item using Information Process strategies and then to present their findings using the Kahootz software.

  • Kahootz - Bright P-12

    As a means to deliver the concept of movement, character development, backgrounds to create a context and a story board, students are required to produce an animated sequence of scenes that involve an interactive quest for the viewer/participant. In this case an audience of Year 3 and 4 students. These younger students will also assess the Kahootz outcome using a rubric as they are the target audience. This will provide feedback to the middle school students and enable final self evaluation based on the responses received.

  • Kahootz - Corio South Primary School

    Students had already published a paper version of the Koorie ABC book. The book takes each letter of the alphabet in turn and simple text is added with students illustrating the text.

    The illustrations were scanned and the book printed using computer publishing software. It was decided to recreate the book using Kahootz by creating a fly through the ‘Uluru World’.

  • Kahootz - Easy as Donuts!

    The 'Easy as Donuts' Blue Screen movie was conceived and created by a Year 6 class (11-12 year-old students) at Princes Hill Primary School in Melbourne during mid-2006. The project was carried out over a 3-week period and was overseen by the classroom teacher.

  • Kahootz - Holland Park Primary School

    Students worked in pairs on the In Kahootz with Saving Freshwater project.

  • Kahootz - Maths Different Perspectives

    This unit integrates aspects across the Key Learning Areas of Society and Environment, Media Studies and Mathematics.

    It involves students showing an incident from 3 different angles/perspectives. The same incident can look very different depending on which angle you are viewing from. It highlights the importance of perspective and the ability to demonstrate this in a 3D environment.

  • Kahootz - St Patricks New Zealand

    This unit required students writing a collaborative section for a narrative story. Each group was responsible for an introduction, beginning, problem, conflict and the resolution of the story.

    After sending their written section to the next group of students at another school by email Students were to create a Kahootz Xpression to animate their work and put this online.

  • Kahootz - Taken

    The 'Taken' Kahootz movie was created and performed by Nathan Burns, a student at Princes Hill Primary School in Melbourne, in 2005.


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